Join us Sunday mornings for Sunday School at 9:00 AM and Worship from 10:30 to 12:00 PM.

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This first Lord's Day of the year, we will continue to celebrate the Savior, Jesus as we exalt Him through song, prayer, scripture reading, the preached word and communion. Pastor Bill Francis will continue preaching from the gospel of Matthew. He will preach, "Resolve to Render" from Matthew 22:15-… Read More

As we approach the day when most Christians celebrate the birth of Christ, let us be sure to consider and proclaim who this Christ is. Tomorrow’s message will be “What Child Is This?”. Pastor Bill Francis will be preaching on Christ’s authority from Matthew 21:33-43. Join us … Read More

Join us this Lord's Day as we continue to celebrate the coming of God in the flesh. We will be in Matthew's Gospel, chapter 21:28-32. Pastor Bill will be preaching the sermon, "Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room". May the Holy Spirit fill our hearts with Heaven's peace.… Read More

Join us for worship as we hear Christ address the question, “By what authority do you do these things?” Pastor Kevin Roberts will be preaching on this question from Matthew 21:23-27. May we submit to the authority of Christ’s Lordship as we come to worship Him and at all times!… Read More

We continue in Matthew’s gospel as Pastor Bill preaches the sermon, “The Fig Tree and the Gift of Faith in Jesus” from Matthew 21:18-22. May our faith increase as we draw near to Him!… Read More

Join us for worship as we seek to magnify the name of Christ in song, prayer and the proclamation of His Word! Pastor Bill Francis will be preaching the message, “Praise Christ Jesus” from the text, Matthew 21:13-17.… Read More

Join us for worship as we hear from God’s Word in Matthew 20:17-34; 21:5-11. Pastor Kevin will be preaching the sermon, “Christ - Our Perfect Example of Kingdom Greatness”.… Read More

Come and hear God's Word preached from Matthew 20:1-16. Pastor Bill will deliever the message, "The Choice of the Master". May be God be pleased to fill our hearts with His love and our minds with His wisdom as we worship together.… Read More

"Come we that love the Lord, and let our joys be known, Join in a song with sweet accord and thus surround the throne". What a joy to gather with the people of God and worship Him with songs, prayers and the preaching of His Word! Join us as we gather at Cornerstone Fellowship at 9:30 am in Ne… Read More

We will be singing, "Not What My Hands Have Done" to prepare us for the sermon, "Not What Our Hands Can Do". Pastor Kevin will be preaching from the gospel of Matthew 19:13-30. May we rejoice in this truth: "Thy work alone, O Christ,Can ease this weight of sin;Thy blood alone, O Lamb of God,Can giv… Read More